The Health Benefits of CBD: What Can This Naturally Healing Compound Do for You?

CBD is all over the news today, in our stores, and on our social media timelines. People are touting this miracle compound, extracted from the cannabis plant, as something that can do everything from alleviate the effects of anxiety and depression, to minimize the feelings of chronic pain and inflammation in the body.

That’s probably why the CBD industry is projected to grow from $13.1 billion in the U.S. last year, to $22.1 billion by 2022. Consumers are interested in knowing more about a natural, non-invasive way to support their immune system and manage their chronic pain and anxiety – especially during the COVID-19 era.

CBD has been separated from another compound in the cannabis plant, THC, which is often associated with experiencing psychoactive changes in the brain. Short for cannabidiol, CBD will not alter the consumer’s mental state, making it a safer alternative to simply consuming or smoking cannabis.

Consumers and researchers have stated it’s possible CBD relieves stress, increases bodily relaxation, improves workout recovery, soothes sore muscles, and alleviates anxiety.

How Does CBD Work?

Your body contains what is known as an endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system interacts with the brain and the body, stimulating nerve cell responses and transmission of feelings of pain. Although compounds like THC interact directly with the ECS, tricking your body into thinking it feels relaxed and pain-free, CBD takes a different approach.

CBD stimulates your ECS to produce your own cannabinoids. Additionally, CBD inhibits the FAAH enzyme so your endocannabinoids can remain in your body for an extended period of time. Instead of  mimicking natural functions in your body like THC does, CBD merely supports your natural ECS responses that help with stress and pain alleviation (

Therefore, by consuming CBD daily, individuals have the potential of managing chronic pain, feelings of stress, and that “fight or flight mode” that can send our nervous systems into a frenzy. Naturally, this discovery is something monumental – the potential is only just beginning as scientists look more deeply into the healing effects of this organic compound.

While that occurs, there are CBD companies who seek to make this natural healing compound more accessible, affordable, and attainable for consumers. One company, SMILE CBD, is working to make honest, vegan, and transparent CBD available to clients today.

SMILE’s Mission

After discovering that the same kind of endorphins are released into the body following a smile as are after ingesting CBD, it was a no brainer for David Jiang to name his company SMILE. On a mission to boost one’s health, mood, and bring a smile to people’s faces, the SMILE team has worked tirelessly to make CBD more accessible to people worldwide.

However, problems abound in the industry when it comes to suppliers and quality of product as the SMILE team discovered through conducting due diligence of their own by sending batches of competitors’ products to independent laboratories for testing. The results in many cases indicated that the advertised levels of CBD in most products greatly outweighed what was actually in the product after testing.  SMILE on the other hand is committed to ensuring that the level of CBD on the label match the level of CBD in all products, and they have COAs to prove it.

In some cases, this lack of trust has left consumers worried that the CBD might actually “get them high,” or contain psychoactive components.

“In the CBD industry, there isn’t a singular brand today that stands out as one that people both love to take and that they can also trust,” says David Jiang, SMILE’s Founder.

SMILE has gone the extra mile to ensure that 0% of their products contain THC, so that customers are only obtaining the therapeutic benefits of the natural compound and none of the psychoactive changes.

After brainstorming a business strategy, David’s team created vegan-friendly gummies that include a daily dosage of CBD while also containing the same ingredients as a multivitamin. SMILE gummies contain nine of the most commonly lacked vitamins and minerals in the American diet, available in four flavors: Mighty Mango, Zesty Lemon, French Vanilla, and Mint Bliss.

Not Fitting the Mold

CBD is still strapped with misinformation and swirling myths that arise from its association with cannabis. As others will associate CBD as a potential form of medication, David is urging everyone to get to know the facts, first.

“To begin with, CBD is natural, so it doesn’t have the side effects associated with medication. A lot of famous people have made CBD very visible as it has helped them cope with the stress and the pressure of their careers. Anxiety and lack of sleep are real issues that affect everyone today, and CBD has shown it can minimize these issues without side effects,” said David.

SMILE has created a vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free product that people around the world can enjoy, especially as more individuals say goodbye to animal-based products. “All of our items are actually vegan, as well as cruelty-free, Kosher, and made from 100% organic hemp grown plants in the U.S.,” said David.

Instant Relief

One of the most common myths surrounding CBD is that it provides instant relief. Like anything organic and natural, consumers need to know that it will take time and consistency, for CBD to work effectively.

“It’s important for people to understand that CBD works most effectively when it is taken consistently. We have witnessed the greatest effects in our clients that have taken CBD daily, for weeks. With patience, CBD can do wonders.”

To date, SMILE has had considerable success with consumers in the US, particularly along the coasts and they aim to spread the news of CBD to those in the Midwest and internationally who might not have considered the natural healing potential of cannabidiol.

SMILE reiterates that they cannot and do not make specific claims about CBD treating or healing conditions, which is why there are referenced scientific research sources in this article. For anyone considering CBD that has a prior condition, health issue, is pregnant, or may become pregnant, SMILE recommends consulting a primary care doctor or physician about the decision.

“It’s most important to us that everyone remain safe on their quest to achieve sustainable and organic health. We hope our vegan CBD products will provide some relief to those who need it, especially during the current pandemic. SMILE has been contributing 100% of our profits to the United Nations Foundation COVID-19 Fundraiser and has been covered in the news media extensively. “We’re grateful to have the opportunity to support our clients and those in need during this critical time,” adds Jiang.

SMILE has indicated they are working to release a line of topicals in the coming months.

For more information about SMILE products visit: or @smile on Instagram.

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