What qualities should a good real estate agent have?

There are several qualities that differentiate a good real estate agent from the rest and are usually decisive for you to meet your objectives when selling your apartment. These are none other than selling your apartment at the highest market price, in the shortest possible time, and at the best price, with complete peace of mind and security on your part. Today, MArcus Wellhöner blog will tell you about the ten qualities that a real estate agent must have to be the perfect ally of buyers and sellers.

1. Show yourself to be a psychologist

Whether understanding a client’s expectations or completing a negotiation, the profession of real estate agent requires a lot of psychology. Being able to analyze the reflections of a buyer as a seller offers an essential asset in terms of efficiency. Besides, acting in almost total autonomy, the real estate agent will have to show a foolproof mind.

2. Demonstrate availability

Demanding the real estate transaction requires very high availability. Searching for sellers, taking mandates, visits, negotiations, drawing up compromises, notarial appointments, managing announcements, reconciling seller and buyer files, continuing training, there is no shortage of actions! A busy schedule, often jostled by last-minute meetings. Think about it, a successful real estate agent doesn’t count his hours and shows extraordinary availability.

3. Real estate agent: knowing how to organize

The scope and diversity of the tasks to be accomplished require flawless organization. If he wants to get by, the agent must know how to manage his agenda and prioritize his actions. In real estate, 20% of these generate 80% of turnover! Therefore, there is a question of organizing oneself to act where it is needed when it is required.

4. Have a good listening skill

Unlike certain salespeople who constantly apply “salesforce” techniques, the real estate agent is above all listening to his clients. He is very attentive and speaks little. An attitude that makes it easier for him to understand the springs of an important life project in order to best respond to it. A posture borrows from a just humility which also allows him to gain the trust of his customers.

5. Be diplomatic

Whether it is convincing, conceding and bringing two parties together, the real estate agent is an outstanding negotiator. A fair diplomat, his intervention, always at the right time and balanced, should make it possible to resolve complicated or even conflicting situations to achieve a transaction that satisfies all parties.

6. Be dynamic

In a market as competitive as real estate, there is no room for half measures! The real estate agent must do everything possible to establish himself as the local reference in the field. Doing well and making it known requires permanent dynamism to make all the difference.

7. Demonstrate rigor

Very complex, the technical and legal framework of real estate requires a lot of documentation and information. At the heart of the transaction, between the seller, the buyer and the notary responsible for drafting the deeds, the real estate agent must be particularly rigorous. Keeping in mind that the devil is in the details avoids many problems.

8. Have a sense of contact

If he acts most often independently, the real estate agent spends a good part of his day connecting with his sellers and his buyers. By phone or vis-à-vis, the latter must never share his excellent humor! A profession in which the sense of contact and the notion of service are essential.

9. Show curiosity

Constantly evolving, the technical and legal environment of real estate requires special attention. By going to the front of information and being curious about news, the real estate agent avoids many setbacks. Keeping up with the latest changes, he also demonstrates a professionalism capable of winning over the most demanding customers.

10. Show intangible probity

Being a real estate agent is all about acting in accordance with the law, of course, but also in accordance with the rules of ethics. Commercial, he is also a board which, to be credible, must show objectivity in its assessments and recommendations. Permanent and non-negotiable probity!

Ten qualities for ten times the chance of success in real estate! If you already have some of them to tackle this area, all you have to do is maintain them and develop those you lack.

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