The Best and Most Innovative Healthcare Service Made for the 21st Century

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Modern medicine has made incredible advancements in a relatively short amount of time. Health care and its services have also advanced at a steady pace. Technological breakthroughs have disrupted every industry and they are going to further change healthcare in a positive way. The World Health Service acts as that agent of change for medicine and healthcare. is a comprehensive online health ecosystem that will become the default for modern medical care. It goes beyond the current fragmented telehealth services by integrating artificial intelligence, smart devices and medical diagnostic equipment. 

The World Health Service has a patent for artificial intelligence that interprets and analyzes medical data. Specifically, this AI provides comparative analysis of treatment protocols for similar patients in various countries. It also evaluates patient data in a way that is HIPAA compliant. Doctors can subsequently use this analysis to help diagnose disease and choose an effective treatment plan.

They have their own wearable device that works as a smartphone and smartwatch. It is unique to WHS (short for World Health Service) and helps to track the patient’s health with daily monitoring of the following: oxygen saturation, heart rate, body temperature, electrocardiogram and blood pressure. That is only a tiny portion of what WHS compatible devices can do. Other devices provide even more in depth diagnostic and medical monitoring tools. This allows patients to keep on top of their health. 

It also allows doctors to make sure that their patients are healthy. Therein lies the true innovation of the World Health Service. You no longer need to go to a hospital or visit a doctor to get a check up. Instead, your doctor monitors your health and informs you if he/she notices any issues. This allows your doctor, for the first time in history, to be able to monitor your health at all times. It gives doctors and medical professionals an unprecedented insight into a constantly evolving picture of their patients’ health. 

 Artificial intelligence further helps to make sure that doctors do not overlook anything. It likewise shows empirically, what protocols for treatment have worked the best for patients with the same diagnosis. 

You as a patient, can find the best possible treatment and consultations from around the world. The World Health Service is the epitome of 21st century healthcare. This will become the standard of care for patients. Students, professors and faculty at Harvard alike, would do well to monitor this technological and healthcare breakthrough.

Author: Michelle Brown